14k Gold Fill FAQ

What is 14k Gold Fill? 14k Gold Fill is a high quality, affordable alternative to Solid Gold. Basically, there is a thick layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, usually brass.  Gold fill is much more durable than gold plate

Does 14k Gold Fill Tarnish? All fine metals will tarnish with time. Gold Fill has 100x more gold alloy than Gold Plated and because this layer of gold is much thicker it means that 14k Gold Filled jewelry last longer and doesn't tarnish easily.

Why is there copper/brown spots on my 14k Gold Fill Jewelry? Some of my gold filled pieces are soldered.  This process can expose the base metal of 14k Gold Fill. This might result in a small dark spot appearing at the solder point. These spots can easily be removed with a polishing cloth. 

Where can I buy a polishing cloth? You can purchase a polishing cloth on the JSD website.  

Does 14k Gold Fill turn my finger green? No! However, everyone reacts to metals differently. There are certain cases where peoples body chemistry reacts to gold, oxidizing it and leaving a green residue on your skin. This has to do with your PH levels.

How do I care for 14k Gold Fill Jewelry? Your 14k Gold Fill Jewelry can last a lifetime if properly cared for! I suggest storing your jewelry away from the elements, especially humidity. The plastic bag your jewelry arrives in is perfect for storage! Avoid direct contact with water, perfumes and lotions, these things have potential to oxidize your jewelry.